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This Little Light of Mine

Just thinking about this fast life of mothering a daughter thus far, brings me to tears (Thanks pregnancy #5 hormones!).

My little Livy Loo.

Why am I reflecting so much on this little girl? Because TODAY is her 5th birthday, of course!

For those who know us personally, you're well aware that Olivia is surrounded by three brothers. It's where she gets both her sass, her toughness, AND her tears from! It's just been us ladies since she was born and soon, we're about to add to our girl-tribe. So, these last months with our one and only princess is definitely a time we're trying to hold onto dearly. She was a perfect baby, a perfect toddler, and despite her occasional My Little Pony meltdowns, she's been the perfect little girl, and now going on the BIG 5!

I've always said that if I had Olivia first, I would have stopped there! With how precious it is to gain a treasure such as a daughter, my heart could have been full. However, I think her two older brothers, her little brother Miles, and all of our life experiences together have made her into the special daughter she is today. Reflecting back on it, I wouldn't change a thing.

I can't brag about my girl without shedding some light on the other half of her raising... "Her Michael" came into her life at just a year and a half. The bond these two share is definitely one worth happy-sobbing over! It's an impressive thing to watch a male (who at the time, had no children of his own) take on a parenting role to my daughter. This man, over the past 3.5 years, has learned intricate braids so he can style her hair. He's taken her for mani/pedi days (yes, he partcipated), he takes her to watch her favorite girl-flicks, he ensures she lives a fuller life by showing her that she can attempt anything she wants to (as long as she just tries). Fishing, camping, traveling, bike riding, sports, baking, arts and crafts. They do it all.

My favorite photo of them:

Mike and Olivia photographing their model, Elsa.

We went out the other Sunday to Overlook Park and had some teepee birthday photo fun!

It also amazes me to think about how much she actually takes after (personality-wise AND looks) her Aunt and my sister!

We'll be celebrating the day with this little treasure of our's. And we hope she has a very happy 5th birthday!

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