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Birthdays + Cake Smash

Purchase your baby's birthday package here and contact me to set a date and time that best suits our schedules, and most of all, your little one's happiest time of day! Please let me know what theme or style you have in mind for your little guy or gal and I'll take full creative control and design a setup for your preferences.

If you will be bringing in a cake or food item, let me know, I can prepare a proper stand or tray for them. 

These packages include clean outfit photos AND fun + messy photos. Keep in a mind a second outfit might be needed for your baby to get messy in! Bring along wet wipes or even a towel to clean your child off afterwards. 

If your little one is indeed mobile and a FAST one, please be quick to catch them so they don't leave a sticky trail all around the studio so I can contain the mess within their setup for easy clean up. I ask this because I do conduct back to back sessions some days and might not have enough time in between to do a full studio clean-up. Thank you!


*Important things to consider*:

-I am happy to provide the props/background for your themed session, but you're also welcome and encouraged to bring in any items your have personally, to make this session scene a unique one.


-Turnaround times begin from the time you finalize your list of images you would like as you're retouched and delivered digital images and additional selections (if any) are paid for prior to beginning of retouching. 

-Composite photos (digital backgrounds) also result in an additional retouching fee. As these images do require a specific background purchase and extra attention to perfect these images. 

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