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Maddie living her best life.
Mary and Miles at Arushas
Miles at Arushas
Miles playing in Bluebonnets
My little loves
Adventures in Colorado
Exploring Texas
Red Rock kids

I'm Mary.


I'm a lover of photography, film, design, art, food, books, adventures, nature and of course, I am a lover of all things LOVE and family. 


I thrive on creating, finding and sharing moments. I look forward to getting to know you and what makes up you and your family.

Let me help you tell your story. 

. . . . .

I'm an all-the-time Mom and portrait photographer. Juggling 6 children isn't easy, but things comes effortlessly with love. We enjoy exploring, swimming, learning and art. Leisure days are essential at least once a week in our household. We enjoy music and games at our house. And of course, we're all huge foodies, willing to travel far for some good eats and great experiences.

As my kiddos get older, I'm teaching and training them in the art of photography, filming and documenting, as well as nurturing individuals themselves. You might see them around our studio and even outdoors assisting or wandering nearby.  

I also love teaching photography within my community, so be sure to follow my facebook page and the blog here on the website to keep updates on workshops or classes on photography!
. . . . .

What's in my bag?
(mostly for the togs!)
I am a Canon shooter! I always have one (or sometimes three) full-frame professional bodies on-hand.
I shoot mostly with my 85mm. It's by far my most favorite lens for the sharpness of my subjects and bokeh.
I also enjoy my 24-70 for it's sharpness and versatility. 
I shoot with my 70-200mm for the reach and creamy backgrounds.
I also always have a nifty 50mm! 
My 35mm is crisp and great for those low-light situations in smaller spaces.
I also have speed lights if I'm shooting an event and for those fancy backlit shots. 

. . . . .

Motherhood and babies are Mary's current specialty. Mary never misses a moment and with Mary's portrait posing, retouching skills, and ability to make anyone feel comfortable in front of her camera, she is a passionate professional to work with. 

Her previous specializations were couples and weddings, which she still very much enjoys and thrives in. 

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