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Strawberry fields forever

Not too far from us there's a special place we like to take the kids for a day of outdoor fun and excitement, Sweetberry Farms.

Sweetberry Farms is a pick your own berry farm about an hour and a half away from Killeen in Marble Falls. Starting out as just a small little pick your own patch with a small goat petting zoo, the farm has vastly grown and expanded over the past few years, to include train rides, horse back rides, a giant jumpy caterpillar thing, petting zoo and even the type of berry you're able to pick, with blackberry season in full swing right now (May).

Excited as ever, the kids rushed around the rows of strawberries looking for perfect berries and filling their little cardboard baskets full, unaware that the more they picked the more we'd be paying, they filled those baskets to the top nibbling on one here or there of course

With the baskets full of berries and bellies full of farm made strawberry popsicles, the kids went full force into exploring the rest of the farm. The two older boys heading right for the giant caterpillar bouncy thing where they planned to show off their "watch how high I can jump" skills and Olivia and Miles heading right over to the goats and horses. Miles, as most who know us know, is in love with all things goats, horses, cows and chickens, this boy fearlessly climbed up the stairs to saddle his horse trumpeting his standard "no help dada" as he walked up the stairs by himself.

With a family of soon to be 5, this was a great and mostly inexpensive way to spend the day with the kids in a meaningful way. We ended up with some great memories, fun experiences and a ton of strawberries that we're going to turn into our own freshly made popsicles and pies.

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