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Oakheart Photography and Cinderella Films

In this life it's about the connections you make. The people you work with, the clients you work for, friends you spend time with on the porch, and children you share an afternoon eating popsicles with in the back yard while talking about your favorite My Little Pony. Mine...well it's Applejack.

As wedding photographers we get asked pretty often if we can help connect brides to other wedding service providers. DJ's, Planners, Florists, Videographers, etc. Naturally we oblige and provide our clients with a preferred, vendors that are part of our family, ones we trust to serve you as equally as we do.

Travis Wine and Cinderella Films are one of our partners in this industry. Providing beautifully crafted weddings videos for Central Texans.

We've been working with Cinderella Films for a few years now forging a strong relationship with Travis and his crew. These guys are top notch, doing everything they can to go above and beyond for their clients. Flying drones, piece of cake, running down isle with the latest camera and robotic gimbal, easy, documenting your ceremony, reception, and make it look better than you remember, well, that's just a normal day for these guys.

Using top of the line cameras, lenses, drones, robotic stabilizers and techniques Travis never misses a moment while capturing that moment in some of the highest quality HD footage around. Seen above, Travis shooting on a Canon C-100 pushing in on the kiss at the end of a grand march while the couple kiss.

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