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I'd rather be a Unicorn. . .

Just last year, we met the owner of Takota's Ponies ranch, Lynn, who graciously lets us spend days with Silver, the beautiful and majestic white "unicorn" that all the other horses and ponies are jealous of. . .

We've photographed countless clients with this mythical, but very real creature! He is a genuine dream come true for many unicorn lovers. Many girls (and even boys!) enjoyed petting, feeding, and riding this handsome fella around while getting their poses in and portraits made.

Take a look at the dreamy results from these sessions last year and earlier this year!

There's nothing like that squeal from excited daughters once they spot Silver from their cars!

Our very own My Little Pony-obsessed daughter spent a private session with Silver and she is convinced that he lives in "Ponyville" and that we get to frequent this fictional town often and she even tries to pinpoint which equine animal is which from her favorite Netflix show (how cute is that!).

This is truly an experience that embeds itself within children forever!

FAQ: Where do these girls get these dreamy dresses?!

Answer: Honestly, I found my daughter's princess dress at a local thrift shop (Texas Thirft to be exact)! And I found more than one as well! Claire's is also wonderful for head pieces such as jeweled headbands like the one Olivia is sporting above! They also have floral crowns! And one great tip-! For boutique style dresses, fast shipping and affordability!

Contact us to make your little ones' unicorn dreams come true with a Private Unicorn Session!

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