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Coming Home

We've never just done photography. Mike, by trade, was a video producer for PBS and has worked in video pretty much his whole working career. So it's no real surprise that every so often a story comes across our table that we turn into a video.

We love sharing stories from our Oakheart Family. Whether it's photo or video, we love to share your story. After all, that's what family does. Do you have a great story to tell? Send us a message!

Meet Katelin,

After marrying shortly after college her husband Will deployed spending the first year of their marriage overseas. After returning and suffering a miscarriage, Will deployed again only to find out that they were again pregnant, missing the birth and watching his daughter grow up via Facebook, Will was finally able to meet his daughter, 9 months later.

Katelin and Evelyn wait for Will to arrive after deployment, to finally meet his daughter

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