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Best Warrior Competition

Ft. Hood was host to the Best Warrior Competition in June, the competition pits 22 of the top Army soldiers against each other vying for the title of NCO of the year and Best Warrior. I got to go out and cover part of it for the paper.

During the 6 day competition soldiers were pushed to their limits physically and mentally. Taking 11 written tests, doing PT and then a 12 mile ruck, combatives, rifle range, and then what we got to cover, the medical and CBRN lanes.

In the medical lanes competitors were given a simulated combat scenario and asked to recover a wounded soldier from the battle field, provide first aide stopping the gun shot wound, and waiting for evac. Soldiers had to carry the wounded from the incident site to the evacuation location a couple hundred feet away up a hill, while random explosions fired off in the background. During the CBRN lane they had under 9 minutes to get fully into their MOPP gear, having to stay in it for 10 minutes under the hot Texas Summer sun.

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- Mike

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