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10 questions before booking your wedding DJ in Killeen Texas

Image by Rondo Estrello, Dallas Art Nerd

Band or DJ, that's always been the question.

While each have their perks and downsides has so much influence on the perception and flow of your big day that making the right choice in who your hire and what music is played is crucial for a successful wedding.

Here are some of our questions we feel you NEED to ask your potential MC before your wedding in Killeen.

Have you done any events at my venue?

While not a make or break question, if your DJ has been to, and worked with the venue before they'll know how the acoustics in the room work, they'll know where to set up to fill the room with the best sound, and where to set up microphones for the least amount of feedback.

How do you customize music for my event, can you help with the special event song selections?

Music is the lifeblood of the reception, keeping your guests engaged and on the dance floor having the best time of their lives along side you. Ensure your DJ can help facilitate building a list that fits your taste and keeps the party going.

How do you keep the crowed pumped and engaged?

What other services do you offer (lighting, lasers, smoke, etc)

How extensive is your song library and how do you handle requests?

The last thing you would want is to hire a DJ that doesn't have the chicken dance or the ability to get it when requested. Ask about the depth of the DJ's music library, check and make sure they have the songs you want for your special moments during the reception.

Will you be MC'ing the event?

It's super important that someone tell your guests what's going on. It's just important that the person telling them what's happening can speak well on mic.

What's your rate, and what do you charge for overtime?

Are you insured?

The last thing you would want, is for the DJ's gear to burn your venue down, or for someone to trip over a power cable. Ensure, that they are insured.

Do you require a meal?

Coming from a wedding professional...please feed the people helping you pull off such a wonderful night. We're all there working for hours on end to make sure that your event is perfect for you, and will need to take breaks to eat.

Photo by Impact Sound

How much space do you need?

Will we meet again before the wedding?

Are there any additional costs/travel fees if ceremony and reception are at different locations?

If you're having your ceremony a half hours drive away from your reception, talk with the DJ about additional fees or costs for setting up in both places.

Do you have any backup equipment?

It's rare, but equipment fails. Talk to your potential MC about their back up plan incase something like that happens.

It's really 13

Hopefully now you're a little more prepared to book a DJ for your big day.

Remember, this is for you and you're paying for these services. Make sure you know what you're getting when your sign the contract.


Mike- Oakheart

*Photos by Image by Rondo Estrello, Dallas Art Nerd & Impact Sound

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