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Working together is great for everyone

We get asked by our brides quite frequently if we offer video with our wedding photography. Unfortunately the standard answer has been "No, I'm sorry we don't" that is until today!

Adding Travis and his crew at Cinderella Films to our Oakheart family, we've been able to create an exclusive package deal for our Brides and Grooms that covers both their stunning videos and our beautiful wedding photography all for one simple, easy price, with quick and simple booking. No more calling and setting up meetings, asking for quotes from two different companies trying to balance your photo needs and budget against wanting video, it's all under our Oakheart Family Tree.

Cinderella Films takes your wedding day, and creates stunning videos for you to remember in full HD. Shareable with the world, you'll get to share your wedding day experience with family and friends.

Want to know more about the package?

Visit our facebook page.

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